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Discover lesser-known information about breast cancer through these surprising facts and statistics.Expand your knowledge and understanding of this common yet complex disease.

Did You Know?

Since 2022, over 283,000 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer. That number equates to 13% of the US women population, totaling one in eight women. It’s almost guaranteed that in your lifetime, you will have known someone who has been diagnosed, battled, or is currently battling this modern epidemic.

Surprisingly, there have been no large-scale commercial attempts to take advantage of the obvious connection between; Breast Cancer Awareness month (October), its association with the color pink, and the vast pumpkin market that Halloween creates. Over 283,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. That equates to one in eight women, or 13% of the US women population.

Pinkn' Patch Initiative

Because the 2022 statistics for the US place staggering numbers on retail pumpkin sales for October, 44% of the US population carve Jack O Lanterns for Halloween, that’s 148,881,831 people—$ 804,000,000 spent in 2022 on pumpkins used for Halloween carving and decorating. Since its inception, the Pinkn’ Patch Initiative has been enthusiastically welcomed on the community level, garnering significant support from local businesses and charitable organizations. Early supporters include Sherwin-Williams Paints, Graco Corp, Green Family Foundation, and Fans of Valley Field.


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