20,000 Pumpkins Painted Pink!

Pinkn' Patch painted 20,000 pumpkins pink in an effort to raise funds to better serve the families of West Michigan who are navigating the constant financial, emotional, and physical struggles that coincide with fighting breast cancer.

Donate $20 and get your pumpkin today!


Donate $20 or more and receive a pink pumpkin
to show your support. 

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We need help. 8am-8pm everyday. Come on down and we will put you to work.

635 Godfrey
Grand Rapids

If you have a retail location and you are willing to partner with us to sell our pumpkins call us at 616-822-3056.

Oct 14. 11am-7pm

FREE Event
Join us for a full day of amazing music, food, games, Pinkn’ decorating, adult & non-alcoholic beverages featuring our Pinkn’ Forest.

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Our mission is to alleviate real-life challenges for patients and their families so they can concentrate on healing.

Our vision is to build a charitable organization that can help thousands of women and families in need, powered by anchor-business sponsorships in local cities across the United States.

Helping Families affected by Breast Cancer

The Pinkn' Patch initiative sells real pink pumpkins aka to support families affected by breast cancer. Here are a handful of ways your financial contribution will support a person in your community.

  • Transportation to treatment and beyond
  • House cleaning services
  • Lawncare
  • Laundry services
  • Fuel cards
  • Food/Groceries/Meal delivery
  • Beauty products & services
0 million
adults in the US battling with cancer
0 percent
of adults have breast cancer
0 in 10
use aids or assistive devices
0 percent
of disabled people have jobs

OUR ADVOCATES. When we work together, every dollar we raise works harder. The availability of a strong community is paramount, and we’ve seen the power of advocacy unite and spur this community into action.

Our Partners

Sponsors and supporters of Pinkn' Patch share their love of helping families in need.

Let's keep it up!

Given that this geographic area includes the famed Medical Mile, numerous cancer research institutes, and specialists, our team firmly believes we can make a difference. With your help, of course.

The Cancer Pod is for all of us.​