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Our About Us page is more than just a summary of our organization. It's a reflection of our passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in people's lives.​
About Us

What We Do

The organization will be focused on serving those individual families that are currently dealing with breast cancer and reside in West Michigan. Given that this geographic area includes the famed Medical Mile and is a healthcare hub in the Midwest, it makes this region a very good place to start.

The Pinkn’ Patch initiative sells pink painted, real pumpkins, among other fundraising activities, with proceeds used to provide services to families affected by breast cancer.Key services provided:

  • Transportation to treatment and beyond
  • House cleaning services
  • Lawncare
  • Laundry services
  • Fuel cards
  • Food/Groceries/Meal delivery
  • Beauty products & services
our mission

Its Time to Take Action

Create a organization that can make a meaningful impact on thousands of individuals and extends its reach across various cities, from the humblest of neighborhoods to the most towering peaks.

Our aim is to ease some of the practical difficulties faced by patients and their loved ones, enabling them to focus on the healing process.


Our Advocates

When we work together, every dollar we raise works harder. The availability of a strong community is paramount, and we've seen the power of advocacy unite and spur this community into action.

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Join our cause to aid breast cancer patients in their journey towards faster healing.

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