Development Plan

Achieving Breast Cancer Support: Pinkn' Patch's Development Strategy for Empowering Breast Cancer affected Families and Ensuring Success.

Pinkn' Patch Initiative

Our high-level fund development strategy revolves around the often referred to as 3-legged stool of individual donations, corporate giving & sponsorship, and grants from foundations, and potentially state and local government. 

Individual Donations

We have started our campaign of giving by leveraging our stakeholders’ current excitement and enthusiasm. We are increasing our visibility by appearing at local events in West Michigan to talk to the community, garner donations, and sell merchandise.

Corporate Giving & Sponsorship

The initial investment in this category of giving will start strong and continue to gain momentum in the future as targeted corporations and companies are approached and persuaded to support our mission.

Grant Funding

This category of giving will be a significant source of revenue once we receive our official tax-exempt status. We currently are registered as a non-profit with the state of Michigan.

Our Advocates

When we work together, every dollar we raise works harder. The availability of a strong community is paramount, and we've seen the power of advocacy unite and spur this community into action.

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